Pediatrics for Parents emphasizes an informed, commonsense approach to childhood health care. We stress preventative action, accident prevention, when to call the doctor. We seek articles that describe general, medical and pediatric problems, advances, new treatments, etc. All articles must be medically accurate, contain resource citations when applicable, and be useful to parents of children from prenatal to early teens. Pediatrics for Parents is not a general parenting magazine and will not consider such material.

Professional Submissions by Medical and Dental Authorities
We will consider articles previously published in professional journals if rewritten for our lay audience. All articles must be in an active voice and avoid medical jargon while adhering to our strict standards of factual accuracy. Explanatory articles on body functions, disease processes and treatment approaches would be on target. We are also looking for articles on wellness, prevention, and modes of interaction between children, parents and medical and dental professionals.

Submissions by Non-Medical and Dental Authorities
We are interested in original, well researched, factual, and informative articles on topics described above. Articles must be authoritative and specific with reference citations accompanying each article. We are not particularly interested in “personal account” or “human interest” stories unless they medically-based and contain a large amount of useful information for our readers.

Submissions – General Guidelines

All submissions must include a cover page containing your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address

We prefer to receive all submissions electronically. Please send all articles to We prefer articles in Microsoft Word format. Send the article as an attachment and not as part of the email.

Our pay schedule varies depending on the type of article, its length, and our needs. Payment is also influenced by the quality of expression, importance of topics, amount of research and/or expertise involved. We generally pay upto $25 per article. Payment is made on publication. In addition, you’ll receive either a one year subscription of the printed issue or a lifetime free subscription of the PDF version of the newsletter.

Sample Copy
We strongly recommend you read several issues of the newsletter to best understand our publication. Sample copies are available for $3 each, postage paid or available free in a PDF format on this site.

Contacting Us
The best way to contact us is via email at

If you wish to contact us via regular mail, our address is:

Pediatrics for Parents
P.O. Box 219
Gloucester, MA 01931

You can also download these guidelines (PDF).