The Question: Does strict rest for five days after a concussion result in better outcomes than one or two days of strict rest?

The Study: This study evaluated the outcomes of 99 patients 11-22 years old seen in an emergency department within 24 hours of suffering a concussion. All underwent an extensive neurological examination. Half were assigned strict rest for five days while the other half were given the usual care of 1–2 days of rest followed by a stepwise return to activity. The patients were reevaluated in three and ten days.

The Results: Eighty-eight of the patients completed the study. Both groups experienced a 20% decrease in energy. The extended rest group missed more school and after-school activities. No differences were found in the post-injury neurological exams.

Comment: This study found no benefit of extended strict rest. It’s a small study and needs to be repeated before this recommendation becomes the standard.

Read More: Pediatrics, 02/15

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