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Sleep Environment Risks

The Question: Are there different risk factors for sleep-related causes of infant deaths as the infants develop? The Study: A review of data from the National Center for the...
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Teens & Adolescents

Bullies, Victims and Weapons

The Question: Are bullies, their victims, or children who are both bullies and victims more likely to carry weapons than their non-involved peers? The Study: A review of studies...
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Breast Milk: Buyer Beware

The Question: Is it safe to use breast milk purchased online? The Study: Researchers purchased online 102 samples of what was advertised as human breast milk. They then did...
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Too Much of a Good Thing

The Question: Does use of high doses of folic acid supplementation during pregnancy cause any adverse effects? The Study: The folic acid intake-both from diet and supplements-was determined for...
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