Sugar-Sweetened BeveragesThe Question: How many sugar-sweetened beverages do children five years old and younger drink?

The Study: Unlike older children, the children in this study depend on adults for the purchase and serving of sugar-sweetened beverages. Studies have shown that 17% of U.S. children age 2-19 years and 10% of infants under two years of age are obese. This study looked at how many children five years old and younger consume sugar-sweetened beverages.

The Results: Nearly 94% of the children 3-5 years old in the study consumed sweetened milk products. Eighty-eight percent consumed fruity drinks, 63% soda, and 56% sports drinks and sweetened tea.

Comment: Obviously the children in this study couldn’t buy their own sugar-sweetened drinks, so it was their parents, guardians, sitters, and relatives who served them. Parental education of the detrimental role of added sugar in drinks is important to lessen the chances children becoming obese.

Read More: Journal of School Health, 03/14

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