The Question: Does taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), used to treat depression,
affect fetal growth during the first year of life?

The Study: Doctors followed 174 pregnant women from 20 weeks of pregnancy through birth and their
babies for their first year of life, measuring their fetal growth at seven different times. Ninety-seven
of the women had no depression and were not taking SSRIs, 46 women had depression treated with
SSRIs and 31 had major depression not treated with SSRIs.

The Results: No significant differences were found in any of the fetuses’ measurements: weight, length or head circumference.

Comment: It’s always best for pregnant women to limit their medication use to only essential drugs,
but this study reinforces the safety of SSRIs used during pregnancy.

Read More: The American Journal of Psychiatry, 05/13

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From issue: 29/05-06