The Question: Does the level of violence in the TV shows children watch in the evening affect their sleep patterns?

The Study: Researchers looked at existing data on the amount, type and title of media 612 children ages
three to five years old watch. This included television, video games and computer use. The researchers scored the media for violence, scariness, and pacing. In addition, they recorded the children’s sleep patterns.

The Results: The children had a fair amount of media screen time-an average of 73 minutes total, with 14 minutes of screen time after 7:00 PM. Eighteen percent (18%) of the children had one or more sleep problems, and children with a bedroom TV were more likely to have sleep problems.

Comment: The results should not be surprising-the more screen time a child has, and the greater the level of violence that media contains, the greater the chances the child will have sleep problems. Children with a television in their bedroom watch more TV and have more sleep problems.

Read More: Pediatrics, 07/11

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From issue: 27/07-08