There’s no doubt that childhood vaccinations save lives. Many doctors have never seen a case of polio, whooping cough, measles, German measles and many other once-common childhood diseases. Despite the concerns of a small group of parents, vaccines are very safe. Any risks posed by the vaccines are greatly outweighed by their benefits.

Disease # Cases Before Vaccine # Cases Since Vaccine
Paralytic polio 13,000-20,000 annually 0 in W. Hemisphere
Hib meningitis 600 deaths/year in children <10 deaths/year
Whooping cough 9,000 deaths/year 57 deaths from 1990-1996
Rubella (German measles) Epidemic of 20,000 cases in 1964-65 6 in 2000
Diphtheria 206,000 cases/year in 1921 2 in 2001
Mumps 212,000 cases in 1964 266 in 2001

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From issue: 27/07-08