The Question: Does maternal note taking during newborn education classes affect maternal behavior? The Study: Half of 126 new mothers receiving newborn education were given a pen and paper for note taking while the other half were not. Topics in the teaching included infant sleep position, breastfeeding and car seat use. All the mothers were contacted two days later and asked about their infant’s sleep position, how breastfeeding was going, and their knowledge of proper car safety. The Results: The researchers at the Boston Medical Center found that the note-taking moms were more likely to say they were following what they learned than the moms who didn’t take notes. Note-taking moms reported proper sleeping position 88% of the time compared to 78% for the other moms; breastfeeding 96% of the time verses 86%; and proper auto safety 98% of the time verses 87%. Comment; We don’t know if the process of taking the notes or actually having notes to review lead to the better outcomes, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to take notes during infant care classes. Read More: Archives of Disease in Childhood, 10/12

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From issue: 28/11-12