The Question: Does maternal caffeine consumption affect infant sleep patterns?

The Study: The mothers of 885 infants were interviewed at delivery and three months later. They were asked about their caffeine consumption during pregnancy and during their first three months of breastfeeding. Their infant’s sleep habits and number of nighttime awakenings were recorded.

The Results: The researchers from Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil found that only one mother did not consume caffeine while pregnant, and 20% were heavy caffeine consumers while pregnant, drinking more than 300mg/day (almost as much caffeine as in 10 cans of Coke, or in a little more than one tall of Starbucks coffee). Surprisingly, the amount of caffeine consumed during pregnancy and while breastfeeding had no effect on the infants’ sleeping patterns.

Comment: Caffeine is the most consumed drug in the world. Luckily for moms who love caffeinated drinks, their caffeine consumption doesn’t seem to affect their newborn’s sleeping patterns.

Read More: Pediatrics, 05/12

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From issue: 28/05-06