The Question: Does regular running affect the sleep and psychological functioning of healthy adolescents?

The Study: In this study from the University of Basel, Switzerland, 51 teens were randomly assigned to the running group or the control group. The runners ran every morning for 30 minutes for three weeks while the control group didn’t. All the participants had sleep studies before and after the study and they also kept sleep logs. Their psychological functioning was assessed before and after the study.

The Results: By all measures the teens that ran had better sleep patterns and improved psychological functioning than the teens that didn’t run.

Comment: Exercise, specifically running, is an inexpensive and non-medical way for teens to improve their sleep quality that produces results in a short time. It’s unclear if the improved psychological function is due to the running or the improved sleep.

Read More: Journal of Adolescent Health, 12/12

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From issue: 28/09-10