Pediatrics for Parents is working with NeedyMeds, a non-profit organization that offers you a free drug discount card.

With this card you can save up to 75% or more off the cash price of:

  • Prescription drugs you buy at the pharmacy
  • Over-the-counter medications if your doctor orders them on a prescription form
  • Prescription pet medications you buy at a pharmacy

Everyone is eligible and there are no age, income, insurance, or residency requirements.

You can’t use the card with your insurance or federal or state medical program.
However, some people have found the discount from the card gives a better deal than their insurance.

You can download a free card here. Just cut it out and take it to the pharmacy the next time you need medications.

That’s all it takes to save some money and show your support of Pediatrics for Parents.

Find a Pharmacy

Enter your ZIP Code to find the pharmacies that accept the drug discount card (you will be taken to the NeedyMeds website for your results).

5 Digit Zip Code:
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