Babystyle Mini Chef Complete Kitchen

Product: Babystyle Mini Chef Complete Kitchen

Manfuacturer: eStyle Inc., of Los Angeles, CA

Recall: June 5, 2008. Babystyle has recalled approximately 64 Mini Chef Complete Kitchens, model number 23549, because the four pegs that support the oven shelf and the four pegs that support the refrigerator shelf can fall out and pose a choking hazard to a young child. Also, the toy kitchen can tip over and seriously injure a child that is playing with or near it. Babystyle received one report of a child placing a loose peg in his mouth, but no injuries. The Mini Chef Complete Kitchen is wooden with a metal sink, faucet, four-burner stove with front oven and five-turn knob control panel, refrigerator, shelves, phone, clock, microwave door and roof. The recalled toy kitchen is approximately 32 inches by 43 inches. The Complete Kitchens were sold in Babystyle stores and on their website ( between October 2007 and November 2007 for $200.

What to do: Stop using the recalled toy kitchen immediately and return it to a Babystyle store or contact Babystyle for store credit.

Contact: eStyle at (877) 378-9537 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, or online

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