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Bullies, Victims & Weapons

The Question: Are bullies, their victims, or children who are both bullies and victims more likely to carry weapons than their non-involved peers? The Study: A review of studies...
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Head Start & Obesity

The Question: Does Head Start participation lead to healthy weight changes? The Study: Researchers looked at the height and weight measurements of 43,748 Michigan children of Head Start age...
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Vitamin D & Eczema

The Question: Does vitamin D supplementation help lessen the symptoms of eczema in children with low vitamin D levels? The Study: The blood vitamin D levels of 77 children...
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Adenotonsillectomy & Weight Gain

The Question: Does an adenotonsillectomy increase the risks of excessive weight gain and obesity? The Study: The researchers reviewed the records of nearly 2,000 patients 18 years old and...
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The Impact of Varicella Vaccine

The Question: Did the introduction of the varicella vaccine increase its incidence in older people? The Study: Doctors reviewed the records for cases of varicella and varicella-related hospitalizations in...
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