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Back-to-School Infections

The Question: Do children experience more upper respiratory infections (URIs, or colds) when school starts? The Study: Researchers in Israel analyzed the weekly rates of URI among children four...
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Breast Feeding in Public

In an online survey, 1,036 adults were asked questions about their attitude towards breastfeeding in public and about how long mothers should continue to breastfeed. Most of the participants...
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Pneumonia Vaccine and Meningitis

The Question: Has the use of the pneumococcal vaccine affected the incidence of pneumococcal meningitis? The Study: Doctors in France surveyed 227 pediatric wards to obtain information on their...
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Be Selfish: Immunize Your Kids

Here’s another reason to immunize your kids: so you don’t become ill with a vaccine-preventable disease. Many childhood diseases can be serious or even life threatening in adults. With...
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